Super Terrific Giveaway

My best friend is a person who will give me a book I have not read. —Abraham Lincoln

Well Hello Saturday afternoon. I’ve been waiting all week to meet up with you.  Sadly, I’ve got a tower of papers to grade this weekend, but at least I can sit on my formerly premium mattress in flannel jammies to get ‘er done. I’m pretty sure I’m headed straight for super terrific carpal tunnel syndrome. Me and Jerry both with the claw.  

If I can keep the lids up, and be productive more than busy, I may be able to squeeze in some time for the audio book I’m focused on. Yes, you heard me: I’m listening to an audio book.  Why you ask?  Because I trust my girl Rachel. Has it taken me some time to come around to the idea?  Yep. But that’s only because I put off the inevitable at times. (That’s code for I can procrastinate with the best of ‘em.) What novel has this girl’s ear?  A book I gave Rae some time ago—The Bartender’s Tale. So far Doig does not disappoint. Rae’s recommended narrator, David Aaron Baker, has me captivated.  He’s sending out nostalgic waves and I’m riding high on them.  

Wanna ride them too?  Rae and I are sharing some of our favorite pages in a giveaway, including The Bartender’s Tale and a few other downright winners like A Gentleman in Moscow, When Breath Becomes Air, The Wright Brothers (audio version), The Orphan Keeper, and The Nightingale. Already read some or all of these gems? Be a hero and gift them to friends.

Here’s how to enter our awesome giveaway: (you’ll receive one entry for each step)

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  • Giveaway ends at midnight pacific time on Wednesday, Feb 22nd. Winner announced here on Friday the 24th.

We’re loving the idea of giving away homerun reads to our favorite readers.  

P.S.  That’s you.

Love, the Claw

Posted by Tracy