NyQuil and a Real Whodunnit

“The most poetical thing in the world is not being sick.” ― G.K. Chesterton, The Man Who Was Thursday: A Nightmare

In case you've all been sick with worry over where I've been the last couple weeks (humor me and pretend you've noticed my absence), I thought I'd pop in and assure you all that I'm okay. Thanks so much for asking. I've had arguably the worst cold in the history of colds but I'm rallying and it would appear I'll survive.

My purpose for dropping by is not to garner sympathy—although politeness would require I accept offers of food, house cleaning, Coke Zero, or if so inclined, a new Boden frock—I'm here to tell you that the next best thing to NyQuil is a great listen. When you're feverish, achy, and too sick to lift a paperback or hold your eyes open, audio books are your best friend.

Speaking of best friends, I downloaded The Dry on Tracy's recommendation and it was a real whodunnit indeed. Kept my Nancy Drew-trained mind guessing to the very end. And Steven Shanahan's Aussie accent provided some serious ear candy. Tray comes through with a clutch pick once again. Good on ya, mate.

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Posted by Rachel