Long Naps, Lazy Days, Fascinating Reads

“In the winter she curls up around a good book and dreams away the cold.” —Ben Aaronovitch

Last night, when I should have been posting about National Reading Day, I reorganized my closet. I stacked sweatshirts in color coordinated rows.  Sweaters too. My ode-to-Peyton navy and orange flowed over one Bronco row. I’m wearing an oatmeal Gap hoodie that I re-discovered—tags still clinging to the textured terry—claiming that the top “was made extra soft so it’s perfect for long naps and lazy days.” Uh Hello Gap…who gets long naps and lazy days anyway?  For me, that’s life’s most persistent and urgent question on this particular day. With How do I sign up? as the chaser. 

For those of you who have all the answers—the ones who have slumbered mid-day and are currently keepin’ it lazy in terry soft as snow—here are the books I’d choose if I too were hidden comfortably from winter’s bite.

You had me at Victorian ghost story Jonathan.  The Night Gardner follows Irish siblings who are in need of a home, so they work as servants at a decrepit English manor.  Apparently the saying "things aren’t always as they appear" proves true in this page turner. Be warned: this story is creepy and kooky, mysterious and spooky, but it’s also “a beautifully written fable about courage, family bonds, and the difference between a story and a lie.”

If you have the luxury of a lazy day, you want to turn pages, right? Multiple reviewers of Harper’s debut novel claim they couldn’t put this one down.  A real whodunnit. This is interesting to note: “The Dry has caught the attention of Reese Witherspoon, who has a solid track record for spotting novels with strong movie potential. (Want some evidence? “Gone Girl.”) But Ms. Harper has made her own major mark long before any film version comes along.”

Lincoln in the Bardo. I’ll be honest, one of my most trusted friends who is a gifted writer is a fan of this author.  If he likes Saunders, I’m bound to. Add to that the allure of a father-son story starring President Lincoln and I’m ready to call in sick.  Stoke the fire for this novel set to arrive on Valentines Day—chances are, you’re gonna love it.  The impressive Khaled Hosseini, author of some of my favorite stories, gushed about the author: “Saunders makes you feel as though you are reading fiction for the first time.” 

Posted by Tracy