Playing Favorites

Picking five favorite books is like picking the five body parts you'd most like not to lose. —Neil Gaiman

I feel you, Neil. While I love reading other people's lists of favorite reads of the year, producing my own is as hard for me as giving up Coke Zero. Okay, clearly not as hard because I've managed to eek out a list and I'm nowhere near giving up Coke Zero. But there was pain involved, I assure you, and lots of anxiety. And as all my favorite lists do, it comes with the disclaimer that it is subject to change at any given moment. So for today, here are my top five books of 2015.

Kristen Hannah's The Nightingale is the book that helped me recover from my All the Light we Cannot See withdrawals. That was a tall order, I assure you. It's been awhile since I loved a book as much as that one, it was my hands down favorite read of 2014, no nail biting or gnashing of teeth involved in that pick. While The Nightingale doesn't quite reach those same heights for me, it's still one that will not disappoint.

Oh Ivan. I still owe you that ode. As complicated as my relationship is with picking favorites, I'm pretty sure The Bartender's Tale is my favorite of Doig's works. If Norman Maclean's A River Runs Through it makes your list of top reads, do yourself a favor and meet Ivan Doig. Read more about my love for him here.

In talking to a few of my friends about this book, I'm realizing Ove may need to come with a warning label. While I loved this curmudgeon from the get-go, for some he appears to be more of an acquired taste. But fall in love they did, so stick with this one if at first you aren't as besotted as I am with A Man Called Ove. Read more about my obsession with Ove here.

This is the book I gave away most last year and I've yet to hear anything but rave reviews. Odds are you'll love The Rent Collector as well. You can read my review of this gem here.

The world needs more Wright Brothers and David McCulloughs. I am seriously smitten with all three of them. I can't think of a single soul who wouldn't love The Wright Brothers. At least not one over the age of sixteen-ish. Read my raving review here.

To stave off my impending anxiety attack over playing favorites with the books I loved in 2015, please check out the other seven that may well be one of my favorite five tomorrow, or in five minutes. You'll find them on our bookshelf.

Posted by Rachel