I Love Me a Curmudgeon

You only need one ray of light to chase all the shadows away.

I triple dog dare you not to fall in love with Ove (pronounced oo-va). And if by chance you don't, please refrain from telling me: you'll break my besotted heart. Ove is a self-described "archetypal grumpy old sod" who's as good at backing up U-Hauls and yelling at neighbors as he is bad at dying. It's a story about how everyone needs to be needed, how friendships can end over the purchase of a BMW, and how beneath one man's crusty exterior lies a heart that is too big.

If you're a fan of listening to books, A Man Called Ove is a great listen. There's just something about having Ove's voice grumbling in your head. Be forewarned: this book will induce bend-over laughter and tears at random so you may look a little silly if you're listening while out in public. I should also warn you that you'll end up investing in the actual book as well so you can mark page after page of favorite passages and read it over and over again. When you've finished (oh how I dread that word when it comes to a great book), and are in need of consolation, read an interview with the author here. He's a bit curmudgeonly himself and I swear I almost like him as much as Ove.

* (January 12, 2016) In talking to a few of my friends about this book, I'm realizing Ove may need to come with a warning label. While I loved this curmudgeon from the get-go, for some he appears to be more of an acquired taste. But fall in love they did, so stick with this one if at first you aren't as besotted as I am.

Posted by Rachel