Silver Linings Audiobook

“The tag on her chamomile teabag said, There is no trouble that a good cup of tea can’t solve.’ It sounded like what a gentleman on Downton Abbey would say right before his wife got an impacted tooth and elegantly perished in bed.”

Like Rae, I’ve got a silver-lining girl in me. So when my plans last weekend to visit the fab Boyles in searing Vegas melted, I got busy decluttering my house. That’s not the silvery part. Jonah misplacing my t.v. remote on the weekend Stranger Things Season 3 released was obviously not fortuitous either. It turned our viewing plans upside down. (See what I did there?) I’m getting to the break-in-the-clouds part, I promise. Instead of binge watching, I purged. I got rid of a lot of stuff. While that didn’t necessarily spark joy, listening to one book and then another did.

When I downloaded Evvie Drake Starts Over, I didn’t realize it was romantic comedy. I’m glad it was about more than just hugs and kisses. The important message that there is a reset button—that second chances are real—highly resonated with me. I’ve learned, of necessity, about letting go. Evvie was endearing. (At times, she made me think of our dear friend Eleanor Oliphant.) And I’m quite glad I got to know Evvie Drake when I was throwing out with the old. She’s no Rachel, but she was great company.

*Be warned f-bombs were dropped. There is some language in Holmes’ debut novel that was described as, “Deeply moving while simultaneously hilarious, Evvie Drake Starts Over is what happens when great writing, complex and charming characters, and a not-quite-what-you-expect ending collide…Much more than just another romantic comedy.”

Posted by Tracy