I Love Me A Curmudgeon Too

“If I’m ever unsure as to the correct course of action, I’ll think, 'What would a ferret do?' or, 'How would a salamander respond to this situation?' Invariably, I find the right answer."

Rae is almost always two steps ahead of me. You’ll remember her declaration that “audio books are your best friends” if time is scant like mine. Did I subconsciously thumb my nose at her advice? All I can say is it’s hard being a purist at times. Slow to the audio party, at least I’m choosing listens that would make Rae proud. We’re antsy for October to come, so I picked a story set in the hearts-aflutter U.K. Combine British culture with an educated curmudgeon for the main character and you can pretty much say winner winner chicken dinner. Plus, narrator Cathleen McCarron proves to be pure ear candy, making Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine a fantastic listen.   

Gail Honeyman’s debut novel introduces us to Eleanor, a thirty-year-old woman who is sensible, quirky, lonely and highly regimented. Her perceptions of the world are rather unique, and more often than not, they’re quite hilarious. They’ll endear you to her. And that’s good—she needs all the friends she can find because she has none, other than the unlikely, lovable IT guy at work. Raymond saves Eleanor when she is far from fine and helps her see that even a horrific past doesn’t have to dictate the future.  Despite some sobering details, this is ultimately a feel-good book about an unusual heroine who eventually finds the right answer: you have to open your heart if you want to be completely fine.

*Be warned: Honeyman uses some salty language, which seems to be common among curmudgeons?  (Sorry Ove.)

Posted by Tracy