Weekly Wrap-Up

Do you suppose it's possible for us to already belong to someone before we've met them? —Juliet Ashton


Guernsey on Netflix. Forgive us for still swooning. We may or may not have watched the manuscript/letter scene multiple times and counting. Between that and having just read Dear Mrs. Bird, we're awash in British adoration. Wouldn't it be lovely, dear readers, if we could all go to Guernsey and London together? Perhaps it's time we started Tours with Two at Twenty-Seven—who's in? We'll keep you posted on tour dates and destinations. Don't think we don't mean it. To tide you over, we thought we'd shower you with a little love from the other side of the pond. 


Be still our London-loving hearts.

Cheerio Chap

We'd welcome this fella in our house anytime.

Shakespeare in Love

When it comes to wedding/anniversary gifts, it's hard to top the Bard.

A Lovely Frock

Johnnie never disappoints.

Ardent Adoration

Union Jack never looked so good.

Cup Cake Toppers

Someone throw us a party with these STAT.

Winston for the Win

We do love our Winnie.

Book Bag Upgrade

Happy books, happy reader.

London, Baby

Start 'em young.