Pitch-Perfect Pleasure

“Bunty and I had decided that if the Germans invaded London and broke in, we would push [Bunty’s hideous globe-shaped drinks cabinet bequeathed by her grandmother] down the stairs at them. The full extent of the British Empire was featured in a rather confident orange and we thought it would make them wonderfully cross.”

Did someone say Guernsey Literary Society? God Bless You, Netflix! Looks like I know what I’ll be doing Sunday night.  Yep, you heard that right: Sunday night. Rachel will attest I’m a night owl—the midnight hour is no problemo—but I can barely spare the minutes lately. Woe, woe, woe is me. Won’t someone throw me a pity party, complete with corn, duds and cokes at mi casa on Sunday? Maybe you can pack some pillows behind my back while you’re at it?  I sound like a girl in need of a good mollycoddle right about now. Let’s be honest: who doesn’t need an excess of chuckles and charm in their lives?  

If you’re after chuckles plus charm, and Guernsey makes you hanker for more, have no fear. One of our favorite 2@27 followers (and thoroughly stellar human I adore) sent good books after she visited me and my boy in the hospital.  She must have known that I could use a happy distraction from the cuts and the swelling and the scars. AJ Pearce’s Dear Mrs. Bird was pure delight. British bliss. You’re going to love big-hearted Emmeline Lake, an aspiring journalist with puffy dreams of becoming a lady war correspondent during the London Blitz. She constantly gets herself in a twist. When she unwittingly accepts a job as a glorified typist for an outmoded termagant who isn’t afraid to wear feathers, Emmeline does the unthinkable: she secretly responds to her boss’s advice column, as if she were her. Pearce’s charming debut novel has been compared to The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, so it seems fitting to let Annie Barrows have the last word on this fine read—“Funny, fresh, and touching, Dear Mrs. Bird is a pitch-perfect pleasure. It’s a rare and wonderful thing to read a book that seems to live properly in its era.” 

p.s. You’re bound to love Emmeline’s spirited bestie named Bunty too! 

p.s.s. Looks like Guernsey isn't the only one headed for the screen.

Posted by Tracy