Weekly Wrap-Up (Pretty Books Edition)

"I am simply a book drunkard." —L.M. Montgomery


Pretty books. To think all these years we've been buying books to read them. Instagram opened our eyes to a whole new world of collecting beautiful editions of our favorite reads and now we've got an acute case of book envy. She's wily that way. Just what we needed: an excuse to spend more money on books. But seriously, our shelves are simply screaming for this lovely Knickerbocker Classics Edition of Wuthering Heights. Little Women and Pride and Jane Eyre too.


Who can resist the Puffin in Bloom Collection? This edition of Anne of Green Gables is gorgeous.


Still swooning over the Penguin V&A collection. The Wind in the Willows never looked cuter.

secret garden.jpg

We'll take one of each of the Penguin Threads editions. Already own Emma and Little Women, next up: The Secret Garden. Then The Wizard of Oz.

jane eyre.jpg

Mr. Boddington's Classics. They're all the rage. This lovely edition of Jane Eyre will cost you a pretty penny.


Speaking of pretty pennies, you'll also need lots of them for this White's Books edition of Emma


Must have: My Antonia from Penguin Drop Caps.


Being the logophiles we are, these Word Cloud Classics have our name all over them. Speaking of names, Captain Wentworth is a glorious one. This copy of Persuasion will start our collection off nicely.

war and peace.jpg

War and Peace never looked so good. Apparently there's a whole Vintage Classic Russian Series we knew nothing about. This may be the nudge we need to tackle Anna Karenina.

little women.jpg

Every library needs the Puffin Classics collection. Especially ours. We'll start with Little Women.

We're just scratchin the surface here folks—much to our book budget's dismay. As if either of us knows anything about budgeting.

Posted by Rachel