Throwback Thursday

“A terrific story—odd, suspenseful, controversial and ultimately revealing.”

We’re stuck in the middle with you. Looks like Rae is in the middle of Ginny Moon. Me and the boys are approaching the halfway mark of Rae’s birthday book: Orphan Island. And I’m midway through a surprise read. Good thing it’s Thursday and time to take a look in the rear view. Tonight, I’m looking waaay back. Probably too far back for this memory of mine, but let’s not split hairs, okay? 

I’ve never read a more interesting book about locks than Russell Martin’s extraordinary historical odyssey/scientific mystery appropriately named Beethoven’s Hair. After the Master Composer died, a young musician named Hiller paid his respects and, as was the custom, collected a few hairs from the genius’s head. Martin takes us on a fascinating journey as he traces the strands whereabouts, eventually leading us to the wonders of forensic science. Science solves the mystery surrounding the deaf composer’s disability (for lack of a better term). I remember well feeling engaged as I turned pages.  It’s true: “Russell Martin has created a rich historical treasure hunt, a tale of false leads, amazing breakthroughs, and incredible revelations. This unique and fascinating book is a moving testament to the power of music, the lure of relics, the heroism of the resistance movement, and the brilliance of molecular science.”

Posted by Tracy