July/August Book Club Selection

My favorite part of entering was when the contest said this one thing: You May Already Be a Winner. It made me think that somewhere, probably somewhere fancy like New York City or Paris, someone was holding a big old suitcase of cash with my name all typed in gold....Or even there could be a life-time supply of Twix bars just waiting in the UPS truck. 

In case you missed it, we're big fans of Ann Dee Ellis. Her latest book, You May Already Be A Winner, looks to be just that: a winner. The cover alone makes us swoon. It feels like the perfect book club selection heading into August as we squeeze the last lazy days out of summer. Grab your kiddos and have them read along or send 'em packin so you can curl up with it all by yourself, preferably by a pool, with a cold drink in hand. Speaking of dreaming big, another favorite of ours, Ally Condie, had this to say about Winner: "I felt like I hit the jackpot when I read this book. Olivia's story is lively, full of heart, and a must-read for anyone who knows what it feels like to hope and dream big."

Posted by Rachel