Top Bins

“A good book is an event in my life.” ―Stendhal

Rachel can attest that a soccer sideline is my home away from home.  Can’t say that I’ve ever written a blog post at a soccer game before, but I’m all about trying new things these days.  Besides, I’m trying to appear efficient.  Key word: appear.  I didn’t bring a book with me. Clearly, I have failed to implement Rachel’s advice, which would allow me to maximize these halftime minutes.  I’ll just have to settle for the temperate spring sun warming my face.  

I’m hoping you’ll settle for some famous authors' YA picks on this sunny kid-lit Tuesday.  I’ve chosen a couple that I’d like to read with the boys.  Gillian Flynn, author of Gone Girl, admitted that “The Westing Game completely charmed [her] as a kid: the clever mystery, the complex characters and the nasty, fantastic Tabitha Ruth Wexler.  I still read it once a year.” A book that commands an annual read?  I’m in like Flynn!

Why have I never heard of Eleanor Estes’ Rufus M.? I’d like to think it’s because I’m too young for a children’s book published in 1943.  But there should be a trickle-down effect where Newbery Honors are concerned, no?  Author Dick Cavett fell in love with Rufus at the precocious age of three. The fact that this book is still in print says a lot.  That Estes wrote The Hundred Dresses might say as much, if not more.  I’ve gotta say the prospect of a new read is just as exciting as the goal our team just headed in the net!

Posted by Tracy