A Discount Ticket to Everywhere

“I Cannot Live without Books.”  Thomas Jefferson

Don’t hold back bibliophiles! If you have a penchant for books it’s okay—especially today. On National Book Lovers Day (yes, I’m all over domestic fetes this month), you are allowed to unabashedly rejoice with us. As if you need a reason to celebrate having “a discount ticket to everywhere.” You need not feel strange if you love inscriptions on flyleafs, or if you feel a sense of camaraderie when you turn pages others have turned. There is no shame in believing that the perfume of paper is lovelier than any scent you can buy over the counter.  Books are like the air we breathe—they invigorate and move us.

So in honor of this fine day (and the fact that I’m currently crusin’ through a book that will show up on screen real soon), here are a few novels that you may want to read asap, before the movie release.  Don’t worry.  Like all good book lovers, we expect you’ll reassure that page turning was more gratifying than watching the story unfold.  (Even if you got evenly buttered popcorn and soft duds.)

Inferno by Dan Brown

Brown is a storyteller.  We’ve seen The Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons light up the screen in years past.  Tom Hanks is at it again in Inferno.  Amazon’s 4 stars + Tom Hanks spells winner.

Highest Duty by Chesley Sullenberger and Miracle on the Hudson by survivors of Flight 1549 and William Prochnau both garnered lots of stars and more than generous reviews.  One 5-star reviewer claimed “this is one of the best real-life yarns I’ve read in a long time.” Let’s be honest, who doesn’t like to read about a miracle?  Tom Hanks will also star in this real story that made us marvel when in happened, and chances are we’ll find ourselves feeling that way all over again.  

The Light Between Oceans by M.L. Stedman

Right now, I’m reading both books that sweet Rae gave me for my big day: The Light Between Oceans and Pax. 4.5 Stars from Amazon and a gift from Rachel—that’s what I call a homerun, bull’s-eye, a sure thing. The movie opens in the next coupla weeks.  Love it when I’m ahead of things, which is almost never!

Posted by Tracy