Mini-Review Monday

“Monday is a State of Mind. Put on your positive pants and get stuff done.”

For the record, I have no trouble putting on my positive pants. I will freely admit that I sometimes struggle to get everything done, but not today my friends. I’m determined to write about my latest listen The Wartime Sisters by Lynda Cohen Loigman. I wish I could chat with the reviewer who forecasted that if I loved The Nightingale and Lilac Girls, I’d be smitten with The Wartime Sisters. Lilac Girls was fascinating, and The Nightingale was illuminating. For me, The Wartime Sisters was meh.

Loigman’s story centers around two estranged sisters with secrets: Ruth and Millie, whose relationship suffered early on from loving but sometimes misguided parents. When Millie relocates to Springfield, Massachusetts to rebuild her broken life, her secrets catch up with her. (So do Ruth’s.) Both feel a sisterhood with women who toil behind the scenes at the armory in preparation for World War II. Loigman shares some nice detail, but her story felt a bit predictable to me. Besides, I wanted more depth. Sadly, this didn’t come close to the song of The Nightingale. I hope you don’t think I’ve ditched my positive pants on this one. Not to worry, I can do meh every once in a while.

Posted by Tracy