Hello Universe, Goodbye Screensi

"People don't want to listen to their thoughts, so they fill the world with noise."

Rachel was right: we do take summer vacation seriously around here. Me and the kids headed for the mountains for a minute. Apparently, I'm not like most people because I do want to listen to my thoughts and drain my world of noise. (Well some noise, I do have kids in tow.) I hoped my kids would ditch screens for trees. But I had to coax. Needless to say, I was delighted when they willingly put down the controllers to finish our latest read: Hello Universe.

I feel like a fraud anytime I recommend a Newberry. Clearly, it's been labeled a winner by experts—I'm just simply saying I second that emotion. But maybe you, like me, haven't heard of this one? I happened upon Erin Entrada Kelly's third novel when I perused through Costco's books. The cover's disclaimer that some friendships are meant to be piqued my interest because I believe that's gospel truth. Hopefully, my boys learned something more about friendship, courage, and discovering their inner bayani (hero). Maybe they're even convinced there are no coincidences? What can I say? This book was as good as the woods and the sound of the babbling brook outside my window.

p.s. I loved Lola's stories within the story.

Posted by Tracy