Housekeeping ain't no joke. —Louisa May Alcott

Just spent four glorious days in the mountains escaping the desert heat and the daily grind. Now I'm back to both and to distract myself from the pains of re-entry, I did a little housekeeping...of the blog variety. I recommend it over real housekeeping any day.

As I tend to be a faster reader than reviewer, I've added several new books to our bookshelves (especially under the fiction tab) in advance of their reviews. If you're itching for a new read and are tired of waiting on me, feel free to use our rating system to choose your next book. I'm a giver that way.

As for me, I'll just be here reminiscing about that time when I actually had time to peruse Boden and Magnolia Journal and read You May Already Be A Winner. Speaking of being a winner, you may already be one too because we've got another fun giveaway coming real soon. Stay tuned. 

Posted by Rachel