10 Nooks And Their Perfect Books

Books may well be the only true magic. —Alice Hoffman


Reading nooks. So much so that were money no object we'd have one in every room. (Can we all just agree now that we'd make darling millionaires?) How lovely would it be to have a nook to match your mood, or better yet, the book you're reading?

We're nothing if not dreamers, so come along with us as we pair some of our favorite spots with the perfect read—starting with the nook above. Could be the lighting and the wood pallets that have us pining for Tom, Rusty, and The Medicine Lodge. Hope there's a copy of The Bartender's Tale on those shelves.

Something about this space has us itchin for a reread of Rules of Civility.

Think of the writing Cassandra Mortmain could have done in this colorfully whimsical spot? As if they read our minds, Wednesday Books is releasing a new, fabulously yellow edition of I Capture the Castle this fall. 

Pardon us while we take a moment to swoon over this sofa. Pretty sure we'd never leave this spot so a stack is in order: A Gentlemen in Moscow, Big Little Lies, and Lucia, Lucia ought to get us started. Then bring on Anna Karenina.

The Happiness Project. Although it wouldn't be much of a project if we dwelt in this lovely abode.

Not to be obvious, but A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.

Hemingway, McCarthy, or Bragg. Personal favorites:  A Farewell To ArmsAll the Pretty Horses, and All Over but the 'Shoutin'.

This one feels made for lighter fare, as in Boden, Magnolia Journal, or Real Simple.

Definitely Jane. Let's start with Persuasion and not stop till we've reread them all.

The Rosie Project. And waiting above on those cheery shelves? Ginny Moon and Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine

Feel free to play along—which reads would you pair with these nooks? Have other cozy spots that are your favorites? Please share!