My Kind Of Book Club

"I intend to put up with nothing that I can put down." —Edgar Allan Poe

You and me both, Edgar. Which is why book clubs and I have a complicated relationship. Gathering with good friends to talk books and eat yummy food? I've got nothin but love for that. Feeling compelled to read books I have zero interest in? Meh. Which is why I've been book-club-free for the better part of a decade and mostly happier for it. But dang. Sometimes I miss those nights with the girls, especially when we all loved a book. And of course, the food.

So imagine my glee upon learning there's a way I can have my cake and eat it too (literally). Word has it there's a new book club in town called the Any Book Club. Here's the skinny: you get together, you eat (if that's optional for you we can't be friends), and you talk books...just not the same book. Instead of discussing one book you've all read, you each show up with a recent read and share what you loved (or hated) about it. If a book someone shares sounds good to you, you add it to your TBR list. Brilliant! No guilt if you don't want to read a book someone picks. No putting up with a read you can put down. You read what you wanna read when you wanna read it and you all stay friends. And you eat cake. Sign me up.

Posted by Rachel