Man Crush Monday

Beware the hot guy?  Did that come out of Rachel’s mouth? Bite that pretty little tongue Rae and I’ll do your grocery shopping. I’ll even draft up a thank you note or two. My overworked friend has me thinking about the most attractive male characters in literature. Don’t scoff. If you’re being honest, you’re probably drawn to them too. Hot doesn’t always mean brawny with tousled hair and a mega-watt smile. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.)  It can mean so much more. If you’re in the mood for a sexy, unforgettable male character in your life, maybe you should consider a few of these reads:   


Mr. Darcy

How could he not top the list?  Mr. Darcy is good looking, generous, rich, and real. He uses sound judgement too. Not to mention, he views Elizabeth as an equal in their relationship.  Maybe one of his most attractive qualities is that once he makes up his mind about a relationship, he’s all in.  Does that define a romantic hero? Even though love is messy, Mr. Darcy is up to the task.  It doesn’t hurt that my visual of Mr. Darcy comes in the form of Colin Firth. 

Read more about The Darcy Effect here. But then you’ll want to promptly re-read Pride and Prejudice.

Raylan Givens

Raylan is my latest literary crush. Elmore Leonard crafted one helluva man in his novella Fire in the HoleRaylan is a gritty character, but he’s equally charming. He is a U.S. Marshall in a Kentucky coal mining town, which means rednecks, shotguns, and tough talk are abundant.  What makes Raylan a hot guy in the truest sense of the word? Because he believes a promise is binding and honor is everything. Raylan’s foil, Boyd Crowter, is an exceptional male character too—just on the other side of the law.  But like they say, there is honor among thieves.  You can watch Raylan and Boyd in an awesome TV series called Justified—one of my all-time favorites—although not made for the faint of heart.

Atticus Finch

Yes, it’s easy to swoon over Gregory Peck, but even more sexy is a lawyer with impeccable morals. His progressive politics and clean discernment make him a stand-apart male character.  I can’t recall him ever having to re-think his position on an important issue. I crave that kind of wisdom.  The thing that makes Atticus more attractive than so many other men is his unique parenting style that is not unlike my own father’s: he treats his children as adults.  He does not shrink from answering Scout’s (and Jem’s) questions—he uses those opportunities to pass along his impressive values to the people he loves most.  It doesn’t get hotter than that. 

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