A Book Can Be A Star

Man’s inhumanity to man makes countless thousands mourn! —Robert Burns

Oh my Mr. Burns, you couldn’t be more right. The Scottish poet, the Pioneer of the Romantic Movement, must have had a crystal ball back in the day. I can’t wrap my brain around what’s gone on in Rachel’s backyard—makes me mourn. I’m so grateful that Rae was nowhere near the inhumanity. 

The good news is a book can be a star to diminish the darkness. In Lauren Wolk’s latest novel, Beyond the Bright Sea, you’ll find light in a young girl named Crow who is both curious and brave. There’s plenty of mystery surrounding Crow. She lives on a small, isolated island with Osh, the man who discovered her afloat in an old skiff when she was a brand-new baby. Her life is both simplistic and serene. Like most orphans, Crow searches for answers to her puzzling past. The boys and I particularly liked that there were mini-mysteries to be solved within Wolk’s chapters. You’re sure to find hidden treasures in Beyond the Bright Sea

p.s. For what it’s worth, Jonah like Beyond better than Wolf Hollow; Luke thought just the opposite. 

Posted by Tracy