Strength is a Collective Effort

If Rachel’s heart is breaking, mine is too.  Oh that I had a magic wand.  Naturally, I’d wave it over the world and make everything softer and more beautiful right after I cured Rachel’s golden. Looks like Harry Potter will sell me a wand for $42.95, but something tells me that won’t do the trick.  I’ll have to settle for words in lieu of wishful wizardry.  Maybe a story is in order—they do have power to heal.  

I’m enchanted by King Arthur’s story.  A boy with hidden potential and a luminous future is trained in secret by a wise magician who believed life itself is the wisest teacher.  With the help of magic, Arthur transforms into various animals. As an ant, he learns that big things are accomplished little by little.  Arthur discovered that strength lies in having backbone when he was a fish. Of course, the illuminating list goes on. Imagine what the nightingale and the swan taught him. I can’t think of a finer education. When the future king finds himself in an abandoned square with a shiny sword embedded in stone that he is in need of, he has no idea this is opportunity up close. Initially, the sword is “stuck fast” when he pulls on it. Immovable. In one of the most important moments of Arthur’s life, it is no surprise that the spirits of all the creatures who tutored and supported and loved this boy gather round. Long gone from his life, they are with him still—to remind him that he is ready. After all, strength is a collective effort. Empowered by love and encouragement and lessons learned, the boy pulls once again and removes the sword effortlessly.  I love that. 

I love the idea that anyone (a friend, co-worker, doctor, child, acquaintance, and clearly a dog) who has believed in us and offered their love will be with us in poignant moments, regardless of time passed or miles between us. Funny thing, perspective…I’m always in need of it and it always, without fail, makes me feel better.  I hope this makes you feel better too Rae.

Posted by Tracy