Our Bookshelf Just Got A Makeover

I hope I will never have a life that is not surrounded by books. —Rick Bragg

Remember that promise we made months ago about a rating system? Well today's finally the day, folks. We may not always(ever) be punctual, but we do keep our promises...eventually. Enough about our shortcomings, let's celebrate the fact that it's easier than ever to find books we've read and what we thought of them. We now have a tab for each genre rather than combining them all on one bookshelf. From your mobile, just click on the menu above and you'll see the new categories. Fair warning: our ratings involve emojis so you'll need to view from a device with software that has been updated within the last year (ahem, we may or may not be guilty of not updating a computer for a couple years). The one thing we're missing is an emoji to let you know when we listened to the book (by we, we mean Rachel...Tracy would never). Still trying to find something better than that creepy ear emoji. If you have any suggestions, we're all ears. Heh heh.

Posted by Rachel