Home Is Where Pax Is

 “So which is it? You going back for your home or for your pet? They're the same thing, Peter said, the answer sudden and sure, although a surprise to him.” 

Rachel is a dog lover, through and through.  Me, not so much.  I’m babysteppin’ with this retriever of mine. Despite my animal-lovin’ deficiencies, I could understand the way Peter felt about his pet fox Pax. Their relationship, brimming with loyalty and trust, is simply breathtaking—especially when juxtaposed to the volatile backdrop of war and human-inspired chaos. You’ll find yourself completely engrossed when Peter strikes out on his own, despite the encroaching war, to find the fox his father forced him to return to the wild.  

This book will long be remembered and read.  The extraordinary friendship between a boy and his fox is bound to resonate with all ages. Much like Charlotte’s Web, this novel will make you feel deeply. (You’ll get emotionally attached.) If you don’t believe me, just ask my nine-year-old son Jonah. When I read the final page, I looked up to see his chin quivering and his eyes watering. I hugged him close, and tried to think of a time when a book left as powerful a mark as this one did.  

P.S. It’s hard to imagine Pax being enchanting beyond words, but Jon Klaussen’s illustrations are pure gold.

Posted by Tracy