Throwback Thursday

We all know that it is women who make the decisions, but we have to let men think that the decisions are theirs. It is an act of kindness on the part of women.

Like the Chicago Bulls, I’m here to three-peat.  Have I ever written three posts in a row?  (We all know the answer to that question.) I kinda feel like Charlie Sheen right now—I’m winning. Don’t worry, it won’t go to my sleep-deprived head because it never takes long for me to get buried again.  Thank heavens for a sturdy shovel.  (If only I had a shirtless shovel guy with ample muscle to help dig me out—then I’d really be winning.)  

Enough already with the boasting and musing, I’ve got a book to rhapsodize over.  Let’s talk about Alexander McCall Smith’s oh so pleasant novel The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency.  While admittedly I’m not a series kind of a girl, there are some that are well worth the commitment.  I read three books in this series.  And I was completely enchanted by the first and the favorite: The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency.  It was published way back in 1998 when a dozen eggs cost 88 cents and a certain Mr. President denied having “relations” with that woman, and Pokemon wasn’t on the go, just on the Gameboy.  For throwback Thursday, after all these years, I’m still celebrating Smith’s charmer.  

Precious Remotswe is Botswana’s premier lady detective and leading lovable book character.  While she is an unlikely candidate for detective work, she seems to have a nose for “helping people with problems in their lives.” Fortunately for readers, in addition to cracking puzzling cases involving a disappearing husband or a missing boy potentially absconded by witch doctors, we are the benefactors of the No. 1 detective’s innate wisdom. I felt smarter for having known Precious. Someday I hope to understand as much about human nature as she obviously did. Wholeheartedly, I agree with one reviewer who raved that this book is “one of the best, most charming, honest, hilarious and life-affirming book to appear in years.”

Posted by Tracy