Among those whom I like or admire, I can find no common denominator, but among those whom I love, I can: all of them make me laugh. —W.H.Auden

Got the better of calamity—for now. I rolled into Vegas at 1:47 a.m. Rachel left the door unlocked with the lights on. (She’s welcoming even as she sleeps.) Despite being tired, I felt instantly better when I crossed the threshold. I left real life at the door and headed upstairs for much needed rest.  

There has been rest, and what’s more…we’ve had a lot of laughs.  You know, giving-your-gut-muscles-a-workout kind of laughs.  It happens naturally when I’m with Rachel.  All of us could fill our days with a little more sidesplitting, couldn’t we? Cliché but true, laughter is good medicine—for the mind and body. Not to mention it lifts our spirits. So here are a few books on my list to read that may make you double over when you need it most.

The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion

I bought one for me and one for Rachel before our once-a-year-get-out-of-town weekend at the beach only to find she’d already picked up and read this funny book.  She gives it two thumbs up.  Here’s what one happy reviewer said: “Full of heart and humor, Simsion’s debut novel about a fussy, socially-challenged man’s search for the perfect wife is smart, breezy, quirky, and fun.”  I’m looking forward to this one!

Dear Committee Members by Julie Schumacher

Never mind the fact that this book won the Thurber Prize for American Humor. One of my closest, smartest friends told me I’d love it, in part because it takes you back to the classroom.  I trust her choices completely—she’s given me plenty of winners.  “If you love academic satires, you’ll love this novel.”

The Princess Bride by William Goldman

I read this review and found it astonishingly hard to believe: “Whether you liked the film adaptation or hated it, read this book! It’s the the Spinal Tap of fairy tales, and it’s much funnier on paper.” I L.O.V.E the film adaptation, so this comment felt like a challenge, and well, I’m up for one. Gotta see if it’s true.  

That’s just for starters.  I haven’t even spoken of comedian reads: Tina Fey’s Bossy Pants, Amy Poehler’s Yes Please, or Mindy Kaling’s Why Not Me?  But I don’t want to get ahead of myself.  To be honest, I’m surprised I’m still typing this post when Rachel’s in the house—I’ve got guaranteed laughs for the rest of the day.

Posted by Tracy