It's A Doc Party, A Big Doc Party

Today was good. Today was fun. Tomorrow is another one.
New York World-Telegram and the Sun photo by Al Ravenna

New York World-Telegram and the Sun photo by Al Ravenna

Today is your birthday!  So you say. From there to here, from here to there, funny books are everywhere! We’ve got birthday boy Theodor Giesel on the brain today. And why not?  If I could only have one doctor growing up, I’d choose Seuss. No question about that. What child doesn’t love a daily dose of jocularity?  Honestly, I’ll take laughs in a house or with a mouse, in a box or with a fox; better yet, I’ll take them with Rae on any given day.  Thanks to Theo, imminent chuckles are just a book away.

So (I-do-not-like-your) Hats off to the droll doctor!  To commemorate, Rachel and I are celebrating reading more than we normally do. After all, today is NEA’s Read Across America, which calls for every child in each community to revel over reading.  So I’ll call Luke (thing 1) and Jonah (thing 2) to sit on their spreads and we’ll do what we do.  I’ll pull out my tattered turquoise blue and we’ll giggle hard and true.  From a pesky, paranoid fish, to a gentle hearing Horton, to the environment-loving lorax who speaks for the trees, oh the places we’ll go!  And all the funny while, I’ll think to say from my lips to the doctor’s ear, “Congratulations!  Today is your day.”  You’ve taken us great places.  You and yours are here to stay!

Posted by Tracy