Weekly Wrap-Up

There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that receives it.


This lovely Penguin Classic's edition of three of Edith Wharton's classics.

Netflix. They had me at Gilmore Girls. Now they've swooped in and saved The Little Prince after the geniuses at Paramount Pictures dropped its U.S. theatrical release. A Cannes Film Festival audience favorite and winner of best animated film in France, but nah, Paramount said, we'll pass. Must be too educational and uplifting to their liking. It's enough to make a girl lose hope. Look for it on Netflix later this year.

March Madness, baby. How's your bracket looking? Oklahoma gave me a scare this afternoon. Now if Oregon will pull through with a win, my final four will have survived the weekend. Tar Heels for the championship!

Audio books the whole family will love. Spring Break means family road trips and the best cure for the "Are we there yet?" blues is listening to a great book. My friend Monica, who's a family-audio-book guru, swears by Treasure Island narrated by Alfred Molina. It kept the whole family riveted in the car—from her pre-schooler to her high schooler. (Riveted=not pestering each other...or you.)

Me Before You. The movie. One of my favorite beach reads with a brain will be in theaters this June. Here's a sneak peak. (I see you, Finnick and Mr. Bates.)


That long overdue review and book club discussion of The Boy who Harnessed the Wind. Really.

Tracy's latest kid-lit pick—word has it Jonah and Luke are giving it a big thumbs up.

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