Red-Hot Read


The only things dragons love more than parties or tacos, is taco parties.

I served up tacos for dinner, compliments of Café Rio.  Not because I’m a procrastinating parent or a derelict cook, but because it’s National Taco day.  I’ve lived for 40 some odd years (round down) not knowing that I needed an excuse to eat tacos. Maybe ignorance is bliss?  

At any rate, since it’s kid lit Tuesday and a day dedicated to tacos, I thought I’d recommend an “irreverent crowd pleaser” from the award-winning tandem of Adam Rubin and Daniel Salmieri. It’s hard to resist a children’s book about dragons. If you’re anything like Rachel and me, it’s hard to resist salsa.  (We’re aficionados, for real.) So this book is rather perfect for kids (big and small) who love a taco party where dragons are guests who aren’t afraid to enjoy some sauce.  This is a red-hot read.  I love a book that inspires hilarity.  Your littles will laugh out loud as they get their silly on.   

P.S. The watercolor, gouache, and colored pencil cartoon illustrations in Dragons Love Tacos are pretty hot too!

Posted by Tracy