Story Junkie Motherese Flunkie

"The world is not made of atoms. It is made of stories." - Muriel Ruykeser

How bout a riddle?  Q: What do Stevie Nicks, Demi Moore, me, and Carrie Fisher have in common? A: We all flunked out of Motherese 101!  (You know, motherese—a term used in child language acquisition for the way mothers talk to their young children, including simplified grammar, exaggerated speech melody, diminutive forms of words such as doggie, and a highly repetitive style.) I never have been much of a coo-er.  Let’s just say it wasn’t in the cards or in the cords. Can you imagine Barry White reading Good Night Moon in high falsetto?  It’s kinda like that.  

So I may or may not have mild envy for storytellers with the right voice to make stories hum instead-a rattle. Recently, a friend of mine turned me on to her sister’s You Tube channel devoted to reading picture books out loud. Rebekah’s animated and into it, and kid-friendly entertaining. She reads some awesome picture books too. Not to mention she’s giving You Tube airwaves a better name. Got stuff to do? Grab your littles, huddle them around the glowing screen, and check out Rebekah at The Cozy Chair

P.S. Tis the season for Halloween reading and she’s bringing it!

Posted by Tracy