Weekly Wrap-Up

This blessed plot, this earth, this realm, this England. —William Shakespeare, Richard II


England. We're missing her more than ever as we live vicariously through 27, Palace Court's newest resident's Snapchat stories. Pardon us as we indulge ourselves in all things Brit—starting with this darling read: How to Speak Brit. We're sold on the cover alone. And the word flummoxing. Among other charming things, it promises to answer such pressing questions as who is Bob and how did he become your uncle?

Our walls are calling for one of these. While we're at it, one of these too...in Piccadilly Pink, please. These vintage London Underground posters may be our favorites though. This one would be darling in a child's room as would this Take them to the Zoo edition from 1924.

This would look smashing on our sofa. And wouldn't this just finish off the room nicely?

Downton Abbey. Of course. What's not to love about beautiful people in a beautiful place speaking in beautiful British accents? Lest you think it would be just as charming set in America, this will change your mind.

British bookshops. We ask, as did Henry Ward Beecher, “Where is human nature so weak as in the bookstore?” Never more so than in a British one, Mr. Beecher.

Boden. Be still our Johnnie-lovin hearts.

George. Oh my heavens, George.


What happens when the KonMari method collides with our book collections.

Everything we promised last week but didn't deliver...


Don't be scared off by the length - it's worth all of its fifteen minutes and more. As good friend put it: this should be required watching for happy people.