College is Overrated

Children have the unforgivable habit of growing up. —Bjarne Reuter

A little over eighteen years ago, as I was being wheeled into the delivery room to have my twin daughters, I grabbed my husband's arm and said "STOP. I can't go through with it. I don't want to be a homeroom mother or throw birthday parties." He looked at me as one would look at a person who has clearly lost her mind, and said, "You'll be great...and it's too late." Comforting.

What I should have added to that list of future terrors was this: "They'll leave for college at THE SAME TIME."  But then that wouldn't have stopped them from coming either. And thank heavens they came. They've been worth every birthday party and homeroom duty I've, enjoyed. Now their bags are packed, the car is loaded, and it's time for them to go. Just like that. And neither Meryl nor I can say anything to stop them.