Free Libraries For All

I have always imagined that paradise will be a kind of library. —Jorge Luis Borges

I couldn't agree more, Mr. Borges, and while we're imagining, how about little free libraries on every corner as well. Why wait for paradise though when you can have one right in your own front yard? Our Pinterest followers have probably ascertained by now that we're a little in love with Little Free Libraries. Make that a lot of in love. This movement has our name written all over it. As does their British telephone booth model.

I need a Little Free Library for two glorious reasons: to spread book cheer and to add some charm to my charmless suburban neighborhood. Santa, I'm counting on you. I happen to know a cute young reader in Texas with library-building dreams of her own dancing in her head. Fingers crossed for the both of us, Abbie.

To learn more about building your own little library or finding one near you, visit Little Free Library. You can purchase one of their unfinished or finished libraries, or if you're handy with a hammer, build your own. Love the cause but don't have the time or space for your own little library? You can make a donation to help spread literacy around the world, one free little library at a time. A world with free books for all is paradise, indeed.

Posted by Rachel