Classics Reimagined

Clearly one must read every good book at least once every ten years. —C.S. Lewis

We're letting our Holiday Gift Guide hijack Throwback Thursday this week so you can be the hero of those on your list with a penchant for the classics. (Or, of course, give you ideas for your own Santa list.) We are in love with the Classics Reimagined Series, featuring modern artists' visual interpretations of age-old favorites. Since we, like Dodie Smith, wish we "lived in a Jane Austen novel," we're especially smitten with Alice Patullo's interpretation of Pride and Prejudice just published last month.

Dorothy gets a modern makeover thanks to Olimpia Zagnoli. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz just got more wonderful.

221B Baker St. never looked so good...or should we say eerie. Award winning artist, Sophia Martineck makes Mr. Sherlock Holmes more mysterious than ever. Pardon us as we let our alliteration run amok.

French artist, Yann Legendre really knows how to bring out the grim in Grimm's Fairy Tales. As a side note, Yann's last name is pretty legen...wait for it..dary.

Judging a book by its cover, David Plunkert's interpretation of Edgar Allan Poe looks to be the stuff nightmares are made of. We're talking creepy with a capital C. Which is exactly what fans of good ol' Edgar crave.

*All of these gems and more will be in our Holiday Gift Guide coming November 27th.

Posted by Rachel