An Eye For An Eye

With sincere apologies to the Thanksgiving purists among us, let's talk Christmas. I hear you, purists, and when it comes to malls decked with boughs of commercialism, I'm right there with you. But Christmas music? Well, that's where we part ways. Ingrid Michaelson's Snowfall is serenading me as I type.

Chalk it up to research, if you must. You see, Tracy and I take our Christmas music as seriously as we do our book gifting—churning out a new compilation of favorite tunes to friends and family every year. Tracy started the tradition years ago and, in true friend spirit, I hitched my wagon to her Christmas star. Any excuse to combine two things I love—holiday tunes and time with Tray—I'm all in.

Research aside though, I've always been an early listener. If only I were an early gift buyer as well. My holiday shopping habits look an awful lot like my college essay-writing habits: all-nighters fueled by caffeine and sugar. Last-minute shopping is my modus operandi. I don't recommend it.

For those of you smart enough to start early, thus avoiding the crowds and the tendency to consume colossal amounts of gingersnaps and Coke Zero, we're here for you. For those who need a little nudge, or in my case, a shove, we've got your back too. Starting next week, we'll post gift-giving ideas for all the book lovers in your lives, leading up to the launch of our Holiday Gift Guide on November 27th.

In the meantime, we'll let you get back to feeling thankful, and leave you with George Costanza, who isn't feeling thankful.

Posted by Rachel